XNLExtensible Name Language
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"All the employment screenings are integrated on the platform," an open-source API XNL format LaborChex uses in a partnership with Eight, a Software-as-a-service-based employee management software licensed by Arc Technologies and developed in Ridgeland.
The following antibiotic discs on Mueller Hinton agar were applied: penicillin (P) (10U), sulphametoksazol/trimetoprim (SXT) (25[micro]g), cefuroxime (CXM) (30[micro]g), ampicillin (AMP) (10[micro]g), oxytetracycline (OT) (30[micro]g), enrofloksasin (ENR) (5|jg), ceftiofur (XNL) (30[micro]g).
S -- -- 100.0 -- I -- -- -- 100.0 R 100.0 100.0 Pantoea agglomerans S 100.0 -- 66.7 -- I -- 33.3 33.3 66.7 R -- 66.7 -- 33.3 BACTERIA Liability ANTIBIOTICS OT ENR XNL Escherichia coli S 59.3 100.0 -- I 29.6 -- -- R 11.1 -- 100.0 Acinetobacter baumannii S -- 100.0 -- I -- -- -- R 100.0 -- 100.0 Acinetobacter spp.
Serotype state pattern mg/L AM33608 Typhimurium SC AMP, AUG, CHL, 64 CTX, NAL, SUL, SXT, XNL AM32667 I 4,5,12:i:- CT AMP, CTX, XNL 64 AM32764 Concord OR AMP, CHL, CTX, 64 GEN, STR, SUL, SXT, TET, XNL Foreign qnr travel Isolate no.
In terms of applications to coding theory, they cover algebraic-geometry codes, asymptotic results, NXL and XNL codes, function-field codes, applications of character sums, and digital nets.
pounds 150.00 Mr J Parkhouse Inverae Cottage Inverae XNL Registered Charollais.
"Without standards like LDAP and XNL, you can't create sustainable, extensible, maintainable architectures," says John Halamka, associate dean of Harvard Medical School (MA) and chief information officer of CareGroup, a healthcare organization that serves several Boston, MA-based hospitals.
IDC said the new service will "analyze the market from several perspectives," including content types, technologies, services and providers." Topics to be covered include: buying intentions and brand awareness of online content buyers; trends in pricing and delivery methods; content management, access and delivery technologies; XNL content technologies; and, digital rights management.
The next step, is to begin to use generating tools that read a description of an XML document (an XML DTD or Schema) and generate Java classes or bind existing classes to XNL data automatically.
With funding from Lexis Publishing (Charlottesville, VA), the NCSC has developed a data tag dictionary using XNL (extended markup language) for the filing of court documents.
Let wij(t) be the earnings of immigrant j at time t (t = 0,1); Xij(t) a vect or of variables describing his socioeconomic characteristics (including the individual's age); yj(t) the number of years the immigrant has resided in the United States; and Cj the calendar year in which the individual immigrated.(3) Finally, let wnl (t) and Xnl (t) be the respective variables for native l.Consider the following two income generating equations:(4)