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XNSXML (Extensible Markup Language) Network Server
XNSX/Open Networking Services
XNSXerox Network System
XNSXerox Network Standard
XNSXerox Network Services
XNSXerox Network System (Protocol)
XNSX-Netstat (Fresh Software)
XNSExtensible Name Service
XNSXerox Network Service (Xerox protocol)
XNSXerox Network Standard (Xerox Corporation)
XNSXstream Naming Space
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([double dagger]) Drought intensity index (DII) = 1.Xds/Xns, where Xds and Xns are the mean of all genotypes in drought-stressed and nonstressed environments, respectively.
In addition to using him coaxial cable (RG58) the XC 24 network can share the same physical cable as the Ethernet-based Xerox Network System (XNS), and can operate at the same time with XNS.
RIP is a simple routing protocol developed at Xerox PARC for the XNS protocols, and adapted by U.C.-Berkeley researchers for IP routing [9].
In February, a number of organizations using XNS protocols formed the Xerox Network Systems Implementary Group (XNSIG), and a subgroup of the organization is working on developing a protocol to provide interoperability at the application layer.
Plan employs a baseband token-passing architecture using ARCnet protocols for the physical and data-link layers, combined with the Xerox XNS protocols for the network and transport layers.
We implemented this server on three different systems: on Xerox computers using the standard Xerox RPC (i.e., the XNS protocol for transport and the Courier protocols for binding, data representation, and control) [46], on SUN computers using the standard SUN RPC with UDP data grams (i.e., the UDP protocol for transport, the XDR data representation standard, and the SUN protocols for binding and control) [41, 42], and on VAX computers using the standard SUN RPC with TCP (i.e., the TCP protocol for transport, the XDR data representation standard, and the SUN protocols for binding and control).
Underlying this and future network offerings is a communications architecture called Xerox Network Service (XNS), which isolates communications functions from "production work." XNS is an open system, with published specifications, that allows for sharing resources, synchronizing distributed data-base contents and the distribution of software.
Finnish information and communications technology service company Ixonos Plc (OMX Helsinki: XNS) said on Tuesday (29 April) that its launching a rationalisation programme during the second quarter.
We use parts of the Lafite mail system and the XNS network protocols already provided in that environment.
In January, the Westboro, Massachusetts, firm announced its support of two new industry-standard communications protocols, the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and the Xerox Network System (XNS) internet transport protocol under Data General's AOS/VS proprietary opeerating system.
Transport protocols, such as TCP and XNS, differ across networks; how is it decided which protocol client and server processes will speak?