XODX One Design (Westmacott Designed Keelboat Class)
XODXanthine Oxydase
XODXalt or Die (gaming clan)
XODXterminators of Darkness (gaming clan)
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Treatments with AEL (125, 250, and 500 mg/kg), caffeic, and chlorogenic acids (10 and 15 mg/kg) were able to inhibit liver XOD activity when compared to hyperuricemic control group (Table 2).
XOD converts xanthine to uric acid, thus yielding superoxide anions as a byproduct [15].
Meanwhile, the intracellular XOD activity in INS-1 cells cultured in IHG was enhanced significantly compared with CHG.
Particularly, the high XOD activity (p<0.05) was recorded in given group compared with all other experimental groups (Figure 2).
Table 2 shows the levels of XOD activity in the soleus, red vastus and white vastus of control and experimental animals.
This type of development is termed by us a more (xod).
(3.) Although I follow the English 1968 version, I find the term "move" too unsatisfactory for what it is meant to convey; the Russian term xod has been rendered into French as "sequence", and in this one respect I shall follow Derrida's (1970) French version which, for the rest, unlike the 1958 and 1968 English translations, is based on Propp's second (1969), emended edition.
This dilution gives a 40-60% inhibition by hemolysate CuZn-SOD of the generation of superoxide anion free radical ([O.sup.[??].sub.2]) by the reagent xanthine and xanthine oxidase (XOD).
Now, the drug treatments of gout are allopurinol [11], inhibiting XOD activity, probenecid promoting the renal excretion of uric acid (UA), colchicine inhibiting neutrophil infiltration [12], glucocorticoids, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs mainly inhibiting cyclooxygenase (COX) enzyme activity [13, 14].
We found that the two steroidal glycosides possess potent uricosuric effect in hyperuricemic mice through decreasing renal mURAT1 mainly and inhibiting XOD activity in a certain extent, which contribute to the enhancement of uric acid excretion and attenuate hyperuricemia-induced renal dysfunction.