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XOFFranc CFA (West Africa; ISO currency code)
XOFCommunaute Financiere Africaine Franc (African Financial Community Franc; ISO currency symbol)
XOFX.Org Foundation (X Windows System; Microsoft; software testing)
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The first was Senegal, with a XOF 100 billion ($170 billion) 2014 issuance.
XOF is the currency code for the CFA franc, the currency of the Communaute Financiere Africaine (BCEAO), the Central Bank of West African States.
He further shared that the Marines are just soldiers doing their normal duty, they are helping the XOF (the villains) because they were so commanded.
xof `happy' (A) + xorr~m `happy' (A) -+~f-o- xorr~m `very happy' (A)
Al Tayer welcomed his guest stressing the importance xof mutual coordination between the council and all the authorities concerned with energy so as to obtain the best expertise and determine the eco-friendly initiatives intended to secure a clean environment.
"A number of African countries such as Chad or Gabon use the XOF [West African franc] and the XAF [Central African franc], which is pegged to the euro.
CURRENCY>>> Communaute Financiere Africaine franc (XOF)
One of the more prominent examples is the May 29 speech by Imam Fofana Harrisou, chairman of a pro-FPI (Ivoirian Popular Front) Muslim group, before a group of progovernment "Young Patriots." In the speech, Harrisou claimed opposition party, Rally of Republicans (RDR) had offered approximately $120,000 USD (64,323,403 XOF) to his organization if its Muslim members would "cause instability" in the country.