XOLXml Based Ontology Exchange Language
XOLExcess of Loss (insurance)
XOLOntology Exchange Language
XOLDiskless X Office Linux
XOLXML Based Ontology Language
XOLObject Language Editor (file extension)
XOLExtension of Life
XOLXavex Online (Deutsche Bank Derivate Products Trading System)
XOLExtensible Out-Of-Band Language
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Byron Xol Bol, who was detained with his father after crossing the Rio Grande into Texas in May, is one of 416 separated children who have yet to be reunited with their parents, as attorneys scramble to untangle the details of the cases and the government fails to meet court-ordered deadlines to reunify the children with their families.
Additional funding is required, Lohmann explained, because B3i Services wants to offer blockchain technology for other lines of business, beyond cat XOL, and the company will have operational risks, which need to be funded, Lohmann affirmed.
The data was organized as a tensor of dimensions: four genes (MDR1, MRP, LRP, and BCRP2), five cell lines (HL-60, HL-60/X1, HL-60/MX2, CEM/C1, and CCRF/ CEM), and 8 furanocoumarin derivatives: isopimpinellin (ISO), bergapten (BER), xanthotoxol (XOL), xanthotoxin (XIN), byakangelicin (BIN), byakangelicol (BOL), heraclenin (HEC), phellopterin (FEL), and 12 simple coumarins derivatives: herniarine (HER), aesculetin (AET), dihydrocoumarin (DHD), coumarin (COU), aesculin (AEL), umbelliferone (UMB), 4-methylo-7-methoxycoumarin (4,7M), 4-methylo7-ethoxycoumarin (4,7E), 7-methylocoumarin (7ME), 6methylocoumarin (6ME), 0,0-dimethylofraxetin (OOD), and scoparone (SCO).
Most E&S markets are buyers of reinsurance, he noted, "so quota share and cat XOL [excess of loss] are the wild cards here.
The conference, titled "Reduce Waste and Improve Productivity," was co-sponsored by XOL Automation, a diversified engineering company serving the MENA region.
The government thereby auctions excess-of-loss (XOL) contracts to insurers and reinsurers.
16, 20-year-old Juan Tiul Xol was travelling standing up in a cramped and overcrowded truck when the vehicle was hit by another truck that tried a dangerous maneuver in an attempt to pass.
In general, property catastrophe deals written on an excess of loss (XOL) basis are considered relatively simple compared to other lines of reinsurance.