XOLXml Based Ontology Exchange Language
XOLExcess of Loss (insurance)
XOLOntology Exchange Language
XOLDiskless X Office Linux
XOLXML Based Ontology Language
XOLObject Language Editor (file extension)
XOLExtension of Life
XOLXavex Online (Deutsche Bank Derivate Products Trading System)
XOLExtensible Out-Of-Band Language
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The XOL series offers single-cell capacities ranging from 0.
Marcel Hage, CEO of XOL, opened the conference by reminding attendees that "increasing costs for real estate, energy, labor and material costs coupled with the demand for higher end products and more diverse services are affecting all converters, including those in the MENA region.
The proposed XOL contracts would help to solve the problems in insurance markets while potentially reducing the federal government's role in providing disaster relief payments to property owners following a catastrophe.
Although various types of XOL reinsurance exist, for illustrative purposes it is assumed here that reinsurance is triggered by a single loss severity event affecting one policy.
If an XOL reinsurance or TRIA-like program is to be implemented going forward, a case could be made for including CBRN hazards.
The sixth layer constitutes the top layer where the CCR provides coverage (with an unlimited guarantee from the French State), with an XOL threshold of 2 billion [euro].
has signed a cooperation agreement with XOL Automation to distribute Martin's automatic splicing, rewinding and tension control equipment.
Source: Hugo Kostelni Table 2 Traditional Income Statement $ million Funds Held XOL Traditional XOL Difference Premium revenue <$4.
To answer this, first we must take a step back and understand how residential catastrophe XOL programs are structured in Florida.
5) Payoffs on XOL reinsurance have the same mathematical structure as a call option spread, which is also the payoff structure used for most Cat bonds and options.
Camargue Underwriting Managers has taken over underwriting management agency (UMA) Synergy XOL for an undisclosed amount, effective January 2015.
Enercon also has retained XOL Automation for representation in the Middle East and North Africa.