XOOXanthomonas Oryzae
XOOXen of Onslaught (online gaming)
XOOXanthomonas Oryzae Pathovar Oryzae (pathology)
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G: XXX XXX A: XXX XXO B: XXX XOO C: XXX OOO D: XXO OOO E: XOO OOO F#: OOO OOO Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" can be played as follows: BBCD DC BA GGAB BAA(hold) BBCD DCBA GGAB AGG(hold)
Conducing war games to explore future structures and policies for cross-domain operations command and control (XOO C2) and experiment to integrate and enable XOO C2 at Die tactical level in A2/AD environments
XOO a zoo for animals deemed too vulgar for a normal zoo