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XORExclusive Or
XORX-Ore Resources (Canada)
XORXML (Extensible Markup Language) Oriented Retrieval (computer language)
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The most popular pipeline of chaos-based image encryption mainly includes three steps: (i) generating a key as initial conditions for chaotic systems, (ii) generating a chaotic sequence, and (iii) conducting XOR operations on pixels with the chaotic sequence.
XOR Boolean Boolean A Boolean B A XOR B 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 Table 2.
Tong, "Demonstration of 20-Gb/s all-optical XOR gate by four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifier with RZ-DPSK modulated inputs," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol.
In the succeeding section, a new paradigm for the full adder and subtractor circuit based on the XOR gate [9] without cross-wiring is proposed.
The collective behavior of the studied nanosystems presents potential applications to perform all-optical encryption by ultrafast XOR logic functions.
We perform XOR operation on the encoding regions of n binary images, after that putting the bits in other regions based on the version and level of error correction.
Algorithm2: Encryption 1 Input: K, Msg 2 Output: Cipher 3 n [left arrow] length(Msg); 4 Cipher(1) [left arrow] mod(bitxor(bitxor(Msg(1), Key(1)),bitand(Key(1),n)),256); 5 for i [left arrow] 2 to n 6 Cipher(i) [left arrow] mod(bitxor(Msg(i),Key(i))+ bitxor(Cipher(i-1),bitxor(i,n)),256); In our proposed encryption algorithm, the changes made on the original OTP encryption which differentiate our proposed algorithm are the triple XOR functions and the scrambling factors (i and n), instead of using one single XOR function as in the original OTP.
XOR Data Exchange deploys permission-based data exchanges to solve fraud and credit risk weaknesses currently plaguing consumers and small businesses across industries, while helping companies retain ownership and control of their data.
The implementation is reduced to the use of AND gates between each coefficient ofp(x), and the use of XOR gates that operate with partial coefficients results, all in the same clock pulse.
All the above makes use of the XOR as the combinational function.
Sum = [C.sub.in] (A XOR B) + [C.sub.in] (A XNOR B) (3)
reported a one-dimensional algorithmic self-assembly of DNA triple-crossover molecules that could be used to execute four steps of a logical (cumulative XOR) operation on a string of binary bits [26].