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XORExclusive Or
XORX-Ore Resources (Canada)
XORXML (Extensible Markup Language) Oriented Retrieval (computer language)
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Three GDI full adders are designed based on the full swing AND, OR and XOR gates discussed in previous section and results are compared with existing work under CMOS 32 nm technology.
In all organisms, XOR is present in its constitutively active dehydrogenase form, whereas, only in mammals, the [NAD.
XOR {{c8, b7-HTTP}, {c8, b7-HTTPS}, {c8, HTTPS}} is applied because c8 is mandatory for cl-db, to obtain:
Now, by considering the above-mentioned veracity if we perform internal XOR operation of different proposed equations of the security protocols; we can extract some concealed information with certain probability.
La implementacion logica se reduce al uso de compuertas AND entre cada coeficiente de p(x) con la realimentacion lineal del termino mas significativo del vector a(m-1), y el uso de compuertas XOR que opera con los resultados de los coeficientes parciales, todo esto en el mismo pulso de reloj.
XOR Media develops high-performance, open, IT storage, specialized for media applications and private cloud data centers.
In this section we have generated an Authentication Tag Value based on the Malakooti- Bazofti (M-B) Algorithm, in which multiple level of XOR and NOR operations are applied on each group of hash values obtained from the database records.
dd" as a container file to collect information from infected systems and in addition, the XOR key used by the developers of Turla and Agent.
In this section, we propose our new high speed and single layer two-input XOR gate using the X + YZ equation mentioned above.
In this research it was found that the main reason for the high power consumption of the Sbox of composite field, is determined by the creation and dispersion of dynamic risks due to the use of complicated signal paths, and the dispersion of signal transitions related to the type of logic gate, particularly for the use of XOR gates.
The two operands, A and B, XORed, and the output of this XOR XORed again with bit carried in from the next less significant stage to produce the SUM bit.
Since XOR operators of the extended key can be freely moved unless they jump over S-boxes in Fig.