XOZExtra Output Zero
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2 and 3 demonstrate the trajectories of the points on the surface of the oscillating scattererpendulum hemisphere in 3D space and their projections on the XOZ and XOY coordinate planes for the time interval of 0<t<5 s.
Through the spatial arrangement of the abovementioned kinematic pair, the two RPU limbs can only move in the plane of xoz and the movement of the two SPS limbs can make the moving platform produce a rotation around the u axis from the perspective of geometric constraints.
(m,n) are the base vectors in the plane S, and the vectors m and n, respectively, lie in the planes XOZ and YOZ.
In Figure 5, the simulated electric field vector of [TE.sub.[delta]11] mode on XOZ plane of the proposed antenna at 3.5 GHz is shown.
where [[epsilon].sub.x.sup.0], [[epsilon].sub.y.sup.0], and [[epsilon].sub.z.sup.0] are taken to be the principal strains in the x, y, and z directions, respectively; [mathematical expression not reproducible] refer to the transverse shearing strains in the xoy, yoz, and xoz planes, respectively; [[kappa].sub.x.sup.0] is the twist; [[kappa].sub.y.sup.0] and [[kappa].sub.z.sup.0] are the curvature changes in the y and z directions, respectively; and [partial derivative] = d/dx.
Figure 1 shows the stresses distribution during the annealing process, and the circumferential normal stress is perpendicular to the xoz plane.
The half-power beam width (HPBW) is 99[degrees] and 98[degrees], respectively, in xoz plane and yoz plane.
The reference points of guide rolls move in XOZ plane, while the reference points of axial rolls move in XOY plane.
Due to the fact that two-dimensional plane graph is the XOZ planform of three-dimensional diagram, there is no need for the exertion of crustal stress on Y direction.
where TM corresponds to the x-, y-, and z-axes and [mathematical expression not reproducible] are vectors projected on YOZ, XOZ, and XOY planes, respectively; and
The largest shear stress from normal load in plane XOZ (Fig.
Also, by using only angles between body parts, and no angles with the horizontal plane XOZ or the axis, the system is robust to changes of the viewpoint of the Kinect camera.