XP4Xeroderma pigmentosum IV (genetic disease)
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Figure 6 Differences in Benefits Offered P4 XP4 100% of Individual Medical Paid by Firm 80% 100% 100% of Family Medical Paid by Firm 0% 40% Retirement Plan with Matching 80% 100% Flex Time Policy 100% 20% Open Vacation 100% 0% Six or More Lifestyle Benefits Offered 100% 20% Average Days Taken Off Per Year Per Employee 14.5 19 Balancing lifestyle is increasingly important to employees these days.
XP4 in a PXIe hybrid slot duplicates the power, trigger bus, star trigger, and 10-MHz clock signals defined in PXI-1 but does not support the reserved pins on J2 used for 64-bit transfers and the local bus.
DMC Stratex Networks Inc., one of the world's foremost solution providers for mobile applications and broadband wireless access, announced it will supply Altium 311 and XP4 licensed radios to build a network backbone in Allegany County, MD, a rural area in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.