XPARExtended Partitions
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Tenders are invited for Furnish and delivery of new pr lighting xpar 390 model pr-8205 led light fixtures.
S'appuyant sur l'analyse referentialiste, l'auteur distingue rue X de dans la rue Xpar les differents referents auxquels renvoient les deux locutions.
The PRIMEQUEST 500 series servers incorporate Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 processors, eXtended PARtitioning (XPAR) capabilities and Intel Virtualization Technology.
In addition, Fujitsu's implementation of extended partitioning (XPAR) and dynamic relocation brings the flexibility of software partitioning to hardware implementation ensuring maximum system availability.
Atos SE ATO.PA 16/08/2019 FR0000051732 20,000 65.68 XPAR
Atos SE ATO.PA 19/08/2019 FR0000051732 20,000 66.86 XPAR
Atos SE ATO.PA 20/08/2019 FR0000051732 20,000 67.67 XPAR
Atos SE ATO.PA 21/08/2019 FR0000051732 20,000 69.02 XPAR