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XPCXML (Extensible Markup Language) Procedure Call
XPCXeroderma Pigmentosum Group C
XPCProgram Counter Extension Register
XPCXtreme Power Conversion (est. 2006; Englewood, FL)
XPCExtended Processing Cabinet
XPCXML (Extensible Markup Language) Printing Capability (computing)
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The company says the XPC is a "long-range precision rig built for punching paper, ringing steel, or hammering coyotes and hogs over in the next zip code.
The XPC has a push-feed design with a short extractor and plunger-type ejector.
The Nano XPC NC02U series has great connectivity with multiple I/O portsHDMI, full DisplayPort, RS232, USB Type C, and Gigabit LAN, which means greater versatilityusers can connect to expansion devices and peripherals for a wide range of applications.
said, "The small form-factor XPC cube systems offered by Shuttle are the perfect home for the new Matrox C900 nine-output display card.
Today, Shuttle XPC computers consisting of consumer and commercial products include: Cube (mini-tower), Slim (1.
Model which was set up in Matlab/Simulink program displays the servodrive speed control performed by means of teleoperation on the XPC target system.
Elmshorn, Germany, small form factor (SFF) PC market leader and manufacturer of multiform factor solutions, has introduced another compact XPC Barebone supporting Intel Core 2 Duo processors and Windows Vista.
Shuttle's XPC P2 3700w full systems offer big performance in a compact package while retaining Energy Star compliance for low power consumption.
Son los casos de AMD, que fabrica el PIC en Guadalajara desde hace algunos meses; y de XPC, que dio forma a un proyecto de fabricacion de PC para fanaticos de los videojuegos.
Confounder analysis: Thirty-three of the 75 students had prior experience using the XPC instrument before the post-test.