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XPDPalladium Ounces
XPDCross Polarization Discrimination
XPDX-Ray Photoelectron Diffraction
XPDATC Transponder
XPDPalladium Exchange Rate (ounces)
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To the best of our knowledge, studies on SNPs in XPD and their association with CC risk in Indian population are missing.
Therefore, a DP MIMO SCM is proposed which considers depolarized propagation channels between DP transmit- and receive-antennas with cross polarization discrimination (XPD) effects.
"At XPD, we conducted pair distribution function (PDF) measurements, which are capable of detecting local iron orderings over a large volume," said Jianming Bai, a co-author of the paper and a scientist at NSLS-II.
XPD represents the polarization directivity and the discrimination of the power imbalance between copolarization and cross-polarization components at the dual-polarized receive-antenna.
The cross-polarization discrimination (XPD) for these three cases is defined as follows:
Moreover, the values of XPDs in near region are much larger than values in far region.
Exceptions to this trend are the Xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group D protein, XPD (also known as ERCC2 or Rad3), and Xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group B protein, XPB [135], which both form part of TFIIH in eukaryotes and are encoded by many archaea.
Polymorphisms of the NER pathway genes, ERCC1 and XPD are associated with esophageal adenocarcinoma risk.
The measured XPD in this environment is around 7.5dB [31].
It is evident that the ratio of [MEG.sub.1]/[MEG.sub.2] < 3dB at both bands of operation with both XPD values.
Overall, dollar sales exceeded pre-recession levels, according to XPD.
DNA repair gene XRCC1 and XPD polymorphisms and risk of lung cancer in a Chinese population.