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XPEXP Embedded
XPECross Platform Environment
XPEExperience Embedded
XPEExchange Point
XPEXProtect Enterprise (Milestone Systems)
XPEXchange Point Europe (Internet service provider)
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The power consumption of the FPGA chip [30] was measured with the XPE. To measure power consumption, the variables should be input at least six: the number of LUTs/ BRAMs/FFs/ DSPs, temperture condition that chip operates, environment option, and etc.
By using the year of publication in the versioning of XPE, we want to demonstrate that our software will always conform to the latest standards.
Sancar, "Xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group E protein (XPE/DDB2): purification of various complexes of XPE and analyses of their damaged DNA binding and putative DNA repair properties," Molecular and Cellular Biology, vol.
Wolfgang Sander-Fischer, AATIP's air tra nspo rt e xpe rt told Cambo d ia n Business Review Magazine that so far, only seven out of 10 member states have ratified the agreements especially on the fifth rights.
Newly released products, such as Gulf-O-Flex XPE Foam Insulation and Gulf-O-Glue Low VOC, have been well received.
METTLER TOLEDO'S line of XPE balances includes micro-analytical, analytical and precision devices, as well as automated dosing with the Quantos powder and liquid dispensing modules.
The first, Gulf-O-Flex XPE, is a cross-link polyethylene pipe which is targeted for use as insulation cover for chilled pipes.
The company, part of the international business conglomerate Shaikhani Group of Companies, will be releasing XPE-GOF XPE Insulation,ann eco-friendly insulation product and Gulf.O.Glue, an adhesive glue with lower volatile organic content (VOC).
En cada bolsa se introdujeron aproximadamente 5,0 g de muestra, pesadas en una balanza analitica (modelo XPE, Mettler Toledo).
All the e xpe riments involving the interaction of the compound with DNA we re carried out in Tris buffer (p H 7.28).
Two new flashing dome lights--the XPE and XME--can be installed in upright, sideways or inverted positions to adapt to any signal beacon application on both AC and DC equipment.
Smallwood spent time this winter working out at XPE Sports in Boca Raton, Fla., with trainer-to-the-stars Tony Villani.