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XPFComptoirs Francais du Pacifique Franc (ISO currency code, New Caledonia / Wallis & Futuna Islands / French Polynesia)
XPFX Prize Foundation
XPFXenopsin Precursor Fragment (cell and tissue research)
XPFXeroderma Pigmentosum F (biochemistry)
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The authors would like to acknowledge the following at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada: Brant Pohorelic for RTOG 9514 specimen CAIX, ERCC1, GLUT1, HIF-1[alpha], p53, PARP1, and XPF staining and image analysis; Elizabeth Kornaga for Ki67 staining and analysis on the ACISIII; and both Elizabeth Kornaga and Michelle Dean for methodology manuscript development.
The XPF has been successfully commissioned and production capacity of 10 TJ/d has been achieved.
(7) In late 2007 Compustat switched to Xpressfeed delivery mechanism (XPF) using mnemonic coding to data items.
XPCP and XPF are entirely funded by its Team and its Venture Partners, and do not raise money from external individual investors.
These changes resulted in an architecture where a new layer (the SLIC) sits on the RISC hardware, and XPF sits on top of SLIC.
Reduced levels of XPA, ERCC1 and XPF DNA repair proteins in testis tumor cell lines.
(110,111) Affected genes in other groups are proteins involved in DNA damage detection (XPC, XPE); DNA helicases, which open damaged DNA (XPB, XPD); or endonucleases involved in excision of damaged DNA sequences (XPF, XPG).
“We designed our 10G Media Converters with pluggable SFP+ and XPF slots that support copper to fiber or copper to copper media conversion,” says John Feeney, COO of Perle Systems.
Arsenic has been demonstrated to reduce the expression of NER genes, including the incision proteins ERCC1 and XPF (Andrew et al.
Objective: We conducted a case-control study by genotyping three potential functional SNPs to assess the association of Xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group F (XPF) polymorphisms with gastric cancer susceptibility, and role of XPF polymorphisms in combination with H.pylori infection in the risk of gastric cancer.
In our preliminary study of human lymphocytes from individuals exposed to drinking water As, As exposure was correlated in a strongly dose-dependent manner to decreased expression of three nucleotide excision repair genes: ERCC1, XPB, and XPF (Andrew et al.
Polymorphisms in the human DNA repair gene XPF. Mutat Res 406:115-120.