XPFECross Platform Front End
XPFECross Platform Front End (Mozilla)
XPFECross-Platform Front-End
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Tenders are invited for subscription of htri thermal design software xist xace xfh xhpe xjpe xphe xspe xpfe and xvib for 3 years period with fifteen licenses to carryout thermal design and rating of heat exchangers at iocl from 1st august 2019 to 31st july 2022
XUL is an element of Mozilla's Cross Platform Front End (XPFE, "because X and C look similar if you beat them long and hard with a hammer," note the spec authors.) The idea is not to implement a cross-platform application framework like Java: "That's been done," says Mozilla, " and is a great deal of work." Instead, XPFE will provide functionality suitable for building network applications.