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XPTExpress Passenger Train (Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane in Australia)
XPTFormation Pressure Test log (Schlumberger)
XPTX Point
XPTXperimental Puppetry Theater
XPTExpress Pressure Tool (energy production)
XPTExternal Page Table
XPTAccelerated Purge and Trap (Teledyne)
XPTXul-5-P/Phosphate Translocator
XPTX-Band Pulse Transmitter
XPTExtreme Psycho Terror (gaming)
XPTPlatinum Exchange Rate (ISO)
XPTExpress Pay Terminal
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XPT is a new specialty insurance distribution company formed through a partnership of management executives and an institutional investor who backs early stage insurance distribution firms.
Specific objectives of this study are the following: (1) to propose a battery of sustainability indicators for telecentres; (2) to design and validate an instrument measuring social capital in telecentres; (3) to describe and evaluate actions developed to implement sustainability in Cataluna's telecentres; (4) to elaborate a model of good practice for sustainability in XPT's.
Whileas, pADAP plasmid from Serratia entomophila contains the genes sepA, sepB and sepC, which are similar to the Tc genes described in P luminescens and the xpt genes observed from X.
Details of its products--such as the famous XPT train, diesel and electrical locomotives, etc--are provided throughout, together with interesting discussions of specific engineering choices made during the design stage, history of production and usage of the trains, and an occasional personal anecdote.
In addition to the eighteen practicing teachers, a number of 'experts' (XPT) working in various support roles and educational administration were approached to participate in this study.
Recommendation xxxxxxxxxxxxx xpt x-x xxxxxxxxxxx Draw 1pt 12-5 general
It is natural to choose special reference vectors for the measure of technical progress defined by (9) : a Laspeyres type measure xLt that chooses the period t-1 reference vectors [p.sup.t-1] and [x.sup.t-1] and a Paasche type measure xPt that chooses the period t reference vectors [p.sup.t] and [x.sup.t]:
Xploite plc (AIM: XPT), an operator and aggregator of IT services businesses, said today that in the past two months its Storage Resource Analysis (SRA) subsidiary, Storage Fusion, has signed a total of 15 new contract agreements.
Velocity XPT Accelerated Purge and Trap provides fast cycle time for purge and trap analysis by reducing the time to complete the dry purge and bake modes.
(32) Kept in a rotula inscribed: 'de la columpna a la qual Jhu xpt fon ligat e batut'; Jose Sanchis y Sivera, La Catedral de Valencia: Guia historica y artistica, Valencia, 1909, pp.
After the obligatory spell at the BBC in London at Television Centre he left to form his own interactive entertainment company, XPT.