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XPointerXML Pointer Language
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No other book provides such excellent explanations of such topics as XInclude, XPath, XLink, and XPointers.
Their combined results include the W3C XML Linking Recommendation, the W3C XML Base Recommendation, and now, XPointer.
XPath is also used by another XML technology, XPointer, to specify locations in an XML document.
The author explains the usual XML concepts of elements, attributes, entities, Document Type Definitions, XML Schema, XML namespaces, XPath, translation, XLink, XPointer, and other XML-related topics.
While a DTD uses a hierarchical structure to identify the different elements by relation to each other, these elements that are coded in XML can then be extracted outside the context of the DTD with the use of XLink and XPointer, other tools in the XML family of object-oriented languages.