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XQUERYExtensible Query Language
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A large set of tools are now available and widely used in particular for edition, querying (XPath [16], XQuery [7]) or transformation (XSLT [15]).
The expression of such a query in XQuery will search for MPEG-7 VideoSegment elements where the event "conflict" takes place.
I asked the same question of representatives at Data Direct, a subsidiary of Progress Software (which developed Stylus Studio software and Data Direct's XQuery for Java).
It has gone one step further than Oracle by introducing support for XQuery and enabling DB2 to potentially be used as the basis of a federated database project, in which a number of different data sources - including databases - can be queried as if they were one database.
Recently, several streaming processors for the transformation languages XQuery and XSLT have appeared.
Keywords: XML language, XML schema, SOAP service, AOP techniques, XQuery
IBM have delivered a test suite illustrating the nascent Xquery standard to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the body which makes official recommendations to the industry on such matters.
Viper will reportedly enable application developers to use XQuery, XPath, standard SQL, or all 3 to retrieve data from either or both XML and relational storage formats.
Papers on Web information management examine topics including integrity checking and maintenance with Active Rule in MXL databases, compressed materialized views of semi-structured data, a workflow model for multi-channel applications, determining output schemas of XQuery queries, and XML query optimization using the binding hash method.
The new offering includes a number of extra functions such as XML Schema, XML namespaces, XML Signatures and XQuery.