XRDX-Ray Diffraction
XRDX-Ray Diffractometer
XRDXML (Extensible Markup Language) Resource Definition (programming language files)
XRDX-Ray Diode
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The detailed analysis of the obtained CMBs by means of FTIR, XRD, and SEM is also performed.
From the XRD patterns, grain size for various phases was calculated, using Debye-Scherrer formula (Using K = 1).
XRD was carried out to determine the quantitative crystallinity of the individual PPy:PSS composites synthesized through different pore sizes.
X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a ubiquitous technique to characterize crystal phases, as it produces a signal containing a series of peaks that serve as a fingerprint of the underlying atomic arrangement or crystal structure.
Within this scope, and in extension with earlier works, this study is aimed at quantifying using the XRD modeling approach, the effect of an in situ applied hydrous perturbation on the hydration behavior and the structural changes of the most used host material in the earlier studies (i.e., the Na-exchanged montmorillonite).
XRD pattern can offer some structure information of materials, and Figure S1 in Supplementary Materials shows the XRD pattern of 400 nm In film, where 400 nm In film shows no crystal XRD peak, which means 400 nm In film presents noncrystal aggregation.
XRD. Figure 1(a) shows the XRD pattern of Zn-HA with various zinc concentrations.
Additionally, Figure 2(b) depicts the insoluble part for inorganic materials that was measured by X-ray diffractometer and analyzed by the High Score Plus software to determine the phase identification of the X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) data of the crystalline materials at the treated sludge samples.