XREXenobiotic Responsive Element
XREXUL Runtime Environment
XREX-Responsive Element (genetics)
XREeXtreme Reactive Environment
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The XRE transcoder is a standalone conversion solution that enables broadcasters and media companies to automate the transcoding of media files, using watch folders that can be placed anywhere on a network.
Chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis demonstrated altered AHR and GR recruitment on XRE or GRE region of their target gene.
Thirteen XRE have been identified in the regulatory region of human CYP1A1 [25].
Honda motorcycles, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC), has upgraded its XRE 300 for the Brazilian market.
This is relevant to our data because a common mechanism of the phenomenon we observed and the one due to smoking could be the action on XRE (Kasai et al.
The 7518 XRE Cruise, being in the Luxury Series, comes well appointed without adding a single option.
The XRE 2.0 next-generation reading environment brings relevant clinical information, examination data, and images into a single view.
By comparing to animal GST promoters, plant GST promoters have not been found to contain Xenobiotic Regulatory Elements (XRE), Antioxidant Regulatory Elements (ARE) or Electrophilic Regulatory Elements (EpRE).
But the sky-high payments, which include compensation for having to deal with dead bodies and other difXcult or unpleasant tasks, have come under Xre from critics.
Based on CREE XRE LED lighting (the best there is), each set puts out about 280 lumens (think two high-intensity flashlights) and lasts from three to six hours on a charge, depending on the battery pack.
The geometry of the system is what differentiates TXRF from XRE XRF systems use large angles of incidence, but TXRF systems have the X-ray source aligned so that the X-rays are incident on the surface of the sample at a very small angle, generally less than one degree.
For the clay fraction, Al, Si, Ti, Fe, Ca, Mg, K, Mn, P, Ni, Zr, Rb, St, Zn, Cu, Co, Cr, Ba, and V were determined by XRE