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XREFeXternal REFerence (ACAD)
XREFCross Referencing
XREFExternally Referenced File
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Uma simples analise permite entender esse fato; de acordo com o conceito de aceitavel, em que 0,5 Xref < aceitavel < 1,5 Xref, o intervalo de tolerancia que, para a densidade de tres sementes [m.sup.-1], foi de 333mm se reduz para 143mm, ou seja, ocorre uma reducao de 43% no limiar de indulgencia.
Autedesk enhancements to Autodesk Buzzsaw, its web-based project collaboration service for the building industry include the introduction of advanced external reference (XREF) document handling -- whether uploaded, viewed or downloaded from the project site -- ensuring that all project team members work from the same set of drawings.
* Automatic XREF uploads for DWG, DXF, and DGN file formats
This software can be used within Web browsers and offers display controls and filters for layers, blocks and xref. Visit www.eaglepoint.com.
"The XREF (cross reference) function enables us to quickly ripple design changes throughout all of the disciplines," says Draper.
Xref is a Cobol program that creates a line-numbered listing of the input file, followed by a cross-reference listing of all its symbols.