XRLXML (Extensible Markup Language) Resource Library
XRLExtra Requirement List
XRLExchangeable Routing Language
XRLXml Resume Library
XRLX-Ray Lithography
XRLX-Ray Laser
XRLXcite Racing League
XRLExtended Range Lance
XRLExecutable Rule Language
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Carnegie Mellon is addressing the autonomy challenge problem area and has demonstrated XRL in several scenarios, including OpenAI Gym, Atari games, autonomous vehicle simulation, mobile service robots, and self-improving educational software and games.
Located just 10 minutes' walk from XRL's Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, and only two stops from Hong Kong International Airport via the Airport Express Link, sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck (sky100) is the natural first stop for both inbound and transit visitors.
What's more, from 23 September to 30 December 2018, sky100 is launching its "Turn Your High Speed Rail Ticket into Cash" promotion to celebrate the commencement of the XRL. Visitors can enjoy a HK$50 discount simply by presenting their High Speed Rail ticket when purchasing a Published Price Ticket at HK$188 from sky100's Ticketing Centre.
The complex experimental studies of X-ray luminescence (XRL) and X-ray conductivity (XRC) were conducted.
Sensepoint XRL is part of Honeywell's Sensepoint line of connected gas detectors, announced in May, which also includes the Sensepoint XCL for commercial and light-industrial applications, it said.
"Honeywell's Sensepoint XRL leverages new Bluetooth connectivity, so a single worker can quickly carry out a range of tasks -- from set-up and maintenance to reporting -- in hazardous areas from the safety of ground level."
It is described or specified using XRL and stored in the data type definition (DTD) file.
Electron beam lithography (EBL), extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL), ion beam lithography (IBL), X-ray lithography (XRL), and nanoimprint lithography (NIL) have been developed during the years, but they did not make it to mass production.
For long casting, Cortland has introduced a shooting head attached smoothly to a braided monofilament running line in its 444SL XRL. The line shoots like a rocket and the heads range from floating to intermediate and #3 and #6 sinking.
The technical study area consisted of 23 XRL wells within the two DSUs and encompassed over 1,860 total stages of completions that evaluated every aspect of the completion process including, fluid loading of 30-60 barrels per foot, sand loading of 1,000-2,250 pounds per lateral foot, cluster spacing of 10-40 feet and stage spacing of 30-240 feet.