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XRNExoribonuclease (protein)
XRNeXpandable Resilient Networking
XRNX-Linked Recessive Nephrolithiasis
XRNX-Based News Reader
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The Rover HTTP and NNTP proxies demonstrate how Rover mobile-aware proxies support existing applications (e.g., Netscape and xrn) without modification (i.e., mobile-transparent applications).
The public trial of GroupLens invited users from over a dozen newsgroups selected to represent a cross-section of Usenet (listed in Table 1) to apply our news reader software to enter ratings and receive predictions (we provided GroupLens-adapted versions of Gnus, xrn, and tin).
- Bravo XRn Network/XRn Blu Disc Publisher: 16GB iPad
Encontramos distintos tipos de soluciones como el XRN, una arquitectura core switching que aumenta la redundancia de disponibilidad de la red, con un enfoque en el cual el lema es "se paga en la medida que se crece".