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XRTRadiation Therapy
XRTExtensions for Real Time Market Data
XRTX-Ray Telescope
XRTExchange Rate
XRTExternal Beam Radiation Therapy
XRTX-Ray Therapy (radiation)
XRTExtensions for Real-Time
XRTX-Ray Topography (mapping crystalline solids)
XRTExtended Reliability Test
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XRT technology is quickly becoming the standard in the industry, as new mines begin using it and older mines make a transition to it.
At 435 fps, the Nitro XRT is the fastest of the crossbows we tested, and it's even faster with TenPoint's Pro Lite arrows.
"If you have yet to personally thank Terri for her 45 years of dedication to XRT, you have another week to meet Terri after her show and give her a hug.
The Nitro XRT is a blend of many innovative features, including Sling-Shot Technology, a Vector Quad cable system, Dual Flex Limbs and RX7 cams that produce blistering bolt speeds of up to 470 fps.
Caption: Figure 2: Serpine1 gene (PAI-1) expression is higher in irradiated veins (XRT) vs unirradiated veins (0XRT; ddCt), in relation to GAPDH (da), p <0.001.
This study retrospectively reviewed the results of 63 patients with stage I and II seminoma after RPLND (n = 63) from 1975 to 1985 and compared the results with patients who received XRT. Most patients had stage I seminoma (n = 45), though some had stage IIA (n = 7), IIB (n = 6), and IIC (n = 5) disease.
Shenkier et al., "Long-term experience with PET-guided consolidation radiation therapy (XRT) in patients with advanced stage diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) treated with R-CHOP," Hematological Oncology, vol.
Case Age (years) Associated Mass size, clinical features seminoma/LCT 1[3] 34 None 3.2 cm/1.5 cm 2[4] 39 Cryptorchidism Total size, 1 cm and reduced libido 3 [5] 34 None 3.2 cm/1.2 cm 4 [6] 24 None 3.5 cm/1 cm 5 (present case) 38 None 6 cm/1 cm Case Associated GCN Benign/malignant LCT 1[3] Seminoma Benign 2[4] Seminoma Benign 3 [5] Seminoma Benign 4 [6] Seminoma, EC, Benign and CA 5 (present case) Seminoma Benign Case Treatment Outcome Months (M) 1[3] Surgery, XRT NA 2[4] Surgery NA 3 [5] Surgery, XRT 16 years 4 [6] Surgery NA 5 (present case) Surgery 10 years LCT, Leydig cell tumor; GCN, germ cell neoplasm; EC, embryonic carcinoma; CA, choriocarcinoma; XRT, radiotherapy; NA, not available.
The patient subsequently received nine weeks of chemotherapy including vincristine, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, and prednisone, without rituximab or radiation therapy (XRT), consistent with prior established regimens for primary lymphoma of bone in children [9].
This video is a combination of several photos taken by the international Hinode satellite using an X-ray telescope (XRT).
Patient clinical and demographic features Feature Intravesical formalin instillation (N=8) Median age (yrs), median, (IQR) 83 (79.5-83.5) Gender, n (%) Male 6 (75) Female 2 (25) Hemorrhagic cystitis etiology, n (%) XRT for PCa 6 (75) XRT for GYN Ca 2 (25) Median BMI, n (IQR) 30.2 (23.5-31.8) Diabetes mellitus, n (%) 1 (13) Hypertension, n (%) 5 (63) Coronary artery disease, n (%) 2 (25) Current or previous smoker, n (%) 2 (25) BMI: body mass index; IQR: interquartile range; GYN Ca: gynecological cancer; PCa: prostate cancer; XRT: external beam radiation.