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XSBXtensible Shopping Bag (software)
XSBBarrier Single Unit
XSBeXtended System Bus
XSBExtended Stony Brook (Prolog ; logic programming language)
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With offices throughout the Northeast and Southeast, XSB is a full-service insurance group providing coverages exclusively to retail agents and brokers.
XSB can act not only as a gambling currency but also as a voting tool that gives its holders the right to vote on the platform development.
The XSB token can be acquired during XSports' upcoming token sale campaign which will provide a fair and transparent distribution method for the community while funding further development and marketing for the platform.
The additional capacity will strengthen and complement its regional production network for XSB and acrylic dispersions, which currently includes plants in East China, Indonesia, and India.
XSB is based on an extended WAM-style engine, the SLG-WAM.
Wright State Applied Research Corporation Wyle XSB Inc.
Several ASP systems are now available, among them DERES, DLV, SMODELS, and XSB; they support provably correct inferences and are about as fast and scalable as SAT checkers.
1993] and XSB [Warren 1992] - to experiment with implementations of the shape-analysis algorithm.
With an annual capacity of 100,000 tons, the new plant will produce XSB dispersions for the paper industry and acrylic dispersions for industries such as coatings, construction, printing and packaging, and adhesives.
The emergence of fast software systems implementing nonmonotonic reasoning is the most significant development in this area in the recent years, highlighted by the systems SMODELS, XSB, DLV, and DERES.
The participants in the plenary panel identified the following major trends in the field: First, serious systems for nonmonotonic reasoning are now available (XSB, SMODELS, DLV).