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XSL-FOExtensible Stylesheet Language Format Objects
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3B2-FO takes either ready-made XSL-FO files containing layout and formatting data, or files containing raw XML content plus an XSLT transformation script, and converts them into printable Postscript or PDF files.
In addition to several authoring enhancements, Epic Editor 4.3 will contain new or improved support for XML schemas, the Publishing Pipeline, the XML User Interface (XUI), XSL-FO, and ActiveX.
"XSL-FO" by Dave Pawson, explores one method by which developers and web designers can convert XML to print.
Epic 4.2 also enhances Arbortext's longstanding support of XML standards through a combination of full support for XSL by offering both XSLT and XSL-FO publishing engines.
It has also enhanced creating PDF by API, XML and XSL-FO files as well as converting HTML, XSL-FO and Excel files into PDF.