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XSLTXML (Extensible Markup Language) Stylesheet Language for Transformations
XSLTExtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
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Fifth, the design should work even for those clients that have no XSLT support.
Using XSLT, it is possible to translate documents for databases, publication-quality reports, code generation, and search engines.
Un programa XSLT es un documento XML con instrucciones de lectura y procesamiento de otro documento XML, que tambien incluye un modelo del documento que se creara y en el que debera ser vertido el contenido.
Muchas de las carencias pueden ser resueltas utilizando XSLT para complementar los agujeros, pero un lenguaje mas orientado a Bases de Datos esta en desarrollo, en la forma de Xquery.
Tools in the editor can create and edit XSLT data views including styles for sorting, filtering, grouping and formatting of data.
The transformation model depicted in Figure 4 is basically the same used by the XSLT. In fact, it was inspired on that.
* XSLT Debugger for troubleshooting advanced XSLT stylesheets.
But the complex data transformations required for XML-based integration are very resource-intensive when utilizing software-based XSLT products, and can create serious performance bottlenecks.
It supports XSLT debugging, as well as visual design and editing of XML documents including XML schema and WSDL.
This paper proposes an adaptive hypermedia educational system using XML technologies, such as XML, XSL, XSLT, and XLink.
The tests are represented in an XML grammar (i.e., in XML schema and in DTD form) that was automatically generated from the DOM specification using an XSLT transform.
Additional functionality in the FTM/XML mapping component include support of XML translation services for DTD to DTD mapping and XSLT generation, making it easier for users who need to support external transaction flows between organizations (such as B2B exchanges) that rely on XML communications.