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XSPExtra Small Petite (clothing measurement)
XSPCics Security Program
XSPAny Service Provider
XSPExtender Session Protocol
XSPeXtensible Server Pages
XSPExtended Set Processing (data access technology)
XSPAny Service Provider (of IT/business services)
XSPXcitek Solutions Plus (software)
XSPXena Song Parody
XSPExpendable Shear Probe
XSPXanthoma Striatum Palmare (cutaneous condition)
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Despite its size the XSP is controllable, and shooting a box or two of defensive ammo is a pleasant experience.
What electronic records storage services does the xSP subcontract?
As a result, using the property of the mean of a lognormal distribution, the mean of XSP is dependent on the standard deviation of the error term in Equation (4).
To address HIPAA as well as MedStar's own stringent guidelines, MRA leveraged XSP's inherent auditing capability throughout.
"As businesses rely more on their xSPs for mission critical transactions and business processes, they will demand high availability solutions beyond those offered in traditional hosting models," said Laurie Seymour, xSP Program Manager for IDC.
Verizon Information Technologies markets high-technology business solutions, including enterprise outsourcing, xSP hosting, help desk services, disaster recovery planning, telecommunications services, network management, and medical transaction processing systems.
Web services brings together Component-Based Development (CBD), extended Service Provision (xSP), and Business Process Management (BPM) and provides the platform to make them all work together when it was so difficult to make them work individually.
Worldwide xSP infrastructure spending, 2000 and 2005
As global marketing manager with Agilent Technologies (www.agilent.com), Go pan Madathil champions the eChannel (xSP) market strategy.
(2.) "xSP" is the catch-all acronym for various firms that provide contractual services to a client, i.e., an ASP is a type of xSP.
iCan SP Inc, a subsidiary of the US e-business software developer Computer Associates International Inc, has introduced a new service management system for the service provider (xSP) market.