XSRXML (Extensible Markup Language) Schema Repository
XSRXtreme Street Racing
XSRX-Band Scatterometer Radar
XSRXM (No Modulation) Satellite Radio (also seen as XMSR)
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The GO12 XSE offers a new 12-inch display option for the GO Series, while the upgraded GO7 XSR features a restyled, glass-helm design, along with radar compatibility not previously available on the GO7 XSE.
Compatible with Simrad Broadband 3G/4G and Halo Radar systems, the G012 XSE and G07 XSR also feature internal GPS receivers for accurate location; StructureScan HD and CHIRP Sonar for fishfinding; autopilot integration for precision control; engine data monitoring; full audio entertainment connectivity with SonicHub2; built-in wireless connectivity; and the powerful Simrad TripIntel trip computer.
The XSR Yamaha is being restricted to a run of 695 hatchbacks and a further 695 cabriolets priced from PS20,360 and PS22,360.
The company has two XSR 200 Plus CTD units working for Saudi Aramco on gas fields in the southern part of the country.
Hailed as the world's "most advanced performance and pursuit" vessel, the XSR will allow navies to deploy special forces on enemy shores, anti-piracy and smuggling patrols, protecting oil platforms and to intercept unidentified vessels in potential terror attacks.
"It's a worrying time, but now things are really looking up." XSR Enterprises signed up with the University's Vision Works programme which supports business start-ups and entrepreneurs.
XSR Enterprises signed up to the University's Vision Works programme, which supports business start-ups and entrepreneurs.
"With their rich suite of IP routing features, broad range of WAN interfaces and VPN and firewalling security functions, the XSR Security Routers provide a powerful solution for remote offices of all sizes and types," said Tom Moore, vice president of marketing and sales at Hifn, Inc.
trisrachyum (Pursh) Holub., Blue Ground-cedar; Deep-root Clubmoss * xSR [Lycopodium tristachywn]
Seven months after Longbridge ended car production Martin Thirlaway and David Durrant are now joint directors of XSR Enterprises where they design and develop car accessories.