XSTExperimental Stealth Tactical
XSTXilinx Synthesis Technology
XSTXilinx Synthesis Tool
XSTExtended Set Theory
XSTExperimental Survivable Testbed
XSTExperimental Stealth Tactical (HAVE BLUE)
XSTXpert Solutions Technologiques (Lévis, Québec, Canada)
XSTExpected Start Timeout (Bellcore)
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These simulations were carried out after XST synthesis in order to check the logic, and after the place-and-route operation in order to check the delays and correctness of the routed design.
Groups Dose (mg/kg) Bleeding times (s) Clotting times (s) Control Vehicle 138.42 [+ or -] 121.17 [+ or -] 7.26 3.96 XST 180.0 213.67 [+ or -] 202.33 [+ or -] 3.79 (aa) 3.41 (aa) Dio 33.1 148.25 [+ or -] 136.50 [+ or -] 7.16 5.11 (bb) Dio 66.2 211.83 [+ or -] 188.50 [+ or -] 9.18 (aa) 11.04 (aa) Dio 132.4 233.83 [+ or -] 202.33 [+ or -] 5.46 (aa) 6.71 (aa) Groups No.
In the case of CVE-2010-0386, this method makes it easier for attackers to steal remote privacy information of users via a cross-site tracing (XST) attack.
where [Mortality.sub.ct] gives annual county-level age-adjusted mortality, [CON.sub.st] indicates the scope of the CON laws in effect in a given state and year, Xst is a vector of state-level controls, and [State.sub.s] and [Year.sub.t] give state and year fixed effects.
Scope for Cost Reduction: Fuji Xerox aims to take out an incremental $1.7 billion in cost by applying the discipline gained through the ongoing XST. Fitch believes Xerox's results, planned management continuity and overall familiarity with the business spanning more 55 years give the combined entity a strong chance of achieving the full reduction.
The MICHELIN Road 5 GT benefits from additive metal manufacturing technology which permits the making of highly sophisticated moulds, as well as the incorporation of MICHELIN XST Evo technology whereby the tread pattern's sipes widen to increase the tyre's sea-to-land ratio, and thus maintain its water-clearance capacity, as the tyre wears.
Table 7 presents synthesis results for the HW tasks used in tests, synthesized with XST v.
The design language is Verilog HDL, the development platform is ISE8.2, and synthesis tool is XST. Table 4 demonstrates the occupancy of resources of our approach.
The PRPs were described in hardware description language (HDL) and synthesized using XST tool.
Tenders are invited for Solid Carbide Microfine Grain 3Fluted Centre Cut End Mill8mm Xflute Length 32Mmxover All Length 120 Mm Xst.Shank Dia8 Mm Flutra Coated
The belt, a black standard XST 4500 steelcord type, will have a carrying capacity of 500 t/hr.
The Xilinx Synthesis Technology (XST) results after place and route show the performance analysis of our implementation in Table 1.