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CEC Xtal is a subsidiary of China Electronics Panda Information Industry Group, a leading information technology group in China.
(12.) Tambien Berlin y Berlin (1996: 347) registran esta etiologia en distintos lugares: xtal ta vi'nal (Chenalho, "se trata del hambre"); ja' tey ta xlik mi oy ba ta jtz'ikutik vi'nal (Pantelho, "comienza si aguantamos el hambre") y oy k'usi ep ta jnoptik, [sok] ta vi'nal (Chalchihuitan, "por preocuparnos y da hambre").
The Xtal Set Society's www.midnightscience.com Website offers seven crystal radio kits, including the Oat Box Radio built on a cylindrical oatmeal container.
Doce pedacos de xtal quebrados y sanos y los onze dellos tienen sus presillas de oro para engarcar tassados en treinta Reales ..."
Brown learned that American Xtal Technology (AXT), while filling semiconductor contracts for the Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), had four times as much arsenic floating around the plant as allowed by law.