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Doce pedacos de xtal quebrados y sanos y los onze dellos tienen sus presillas de oro para engarcar tassados en treinta Reales .
Brown learned that American Xtal Technology (AXT), while filling semiconductor contracts for the Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), had four times as much arsenic floating around the plant as allowed by law.
FIBERCORE, fabricante norteamericano de fibra optica, compro Xtal Fibras Opticas, la planta de fibra optica del conglomerado brasileno de telecomunicaciones, alimentos y entretenimiento Algar por US$25 millones.
Located in ESC Silicon Valley booth #940, the RFM Xtal showcase will feature information on key considerations for choosing the optimal Xtal product for a variety of M2M telematic applications.
5 cm on edge; the best person to see about them in Denver was Dennis Beals of Xtal (www.
Hon Hai, currently Taiwan's biggest manufacturing conglomerate in terms of revenue, will enter into this segment by investing in Alpha Xtal Technology Corp.