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XTEL in Bologna has been active since 1991 providing software, analytics, mobile and cloud solutions to top consumer goods manufacturers, allowing them to utilise advanced analytics in critical sales strategies and processes such as sales planning, trade promotion management, retail execution and advanced pricing.
Birra Peroni has reaffirmed its trust in XTEL, seeking to maximize all synergies from the total implementation of a single, specific platform like the Sales Master One suite.
"We are truly honoured that Birra Peroni has renewed its partnership with us and our solutions to make its commercial processes even faster and more profitable," says Federico Grandi, Project Manager of XTEL.
In addition, the chemical resistance is maintained when exposed to automotive and diesel fluids since the XTEL XE3035 etastomeric alloy contains PPS.
Combined with an accurate FEA, Ryton PPS and XTEL XE alloys pave the way for significant value engineering opportunities.
Other applications include production of industrial fibers for high-temperature-resistant fabrics that require better loop and knot strength than that found in traditional PPS products: Naturally off-white white in color, Xtel XE Series PPS-based alloys readily accept pigmentation, a sought-after feature in applications such as color-coded wire insulation.
XTEL will extend its footprint to other countries in the EMEA and Latin America markets and augment its delivery capabilities through teaming up with Accenture.
According to the agreement, Accenture will promote XTEL to its consumer goods customers as a key component of its offer "Sales & Marketing Transformation Foundation Offering" and will be the preferred partner of XTEL for system integration and maintenance services.
Chevron Phillips also introduced the Xtel family of high-performance PPS alloys, designed to compete with more costly LCPs in industrial and automotive electrical/electronic applications.
Now available in four black and natural grades, Xtel alloys can be molded at moderate pressures in water-heated molds.