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XTIX/Open Transport Layer Interface
XTIX/Open Transport Interface
XTICross-Track Interferometry (imaging technology)
XTIX Toolkit Intrinsics (C language interface)
XTIeXperimental Technology Insertion
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"The Neutron Series XTi is a great option for users who demand ultimate performance and portability for read intensive applications such as video streaming, web servers, database applications.
Designed for consistent performance the Neutron Series XTi handles very high sustained transfer rates with ease, enabled by an expanded cache making it possible to capture and edit professional Full HD and 4K uncompressed video in real-time, as well as play PC games with absolute maximum detail levels.
According to XTI, its models were chosen for the photoshoot because they would "erotically charge every one of the striking snapshots".
A remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) able to work at both platform and pipeline -- and handle many different projects -- attracted CCC (Underwater Engineering) to the Sb Seaeye Cougar XTi, fitted with the iCON intelligent control system.
2, 3-Bis-(2-methoxy- 4-nitro-5-sulfopheny1)-2H-tetrazo1ium-5 carbo-xanilide (XTI) and Phenazine Methosulfate (PMS) were obtained from Sigma (USA).
Thermoteknix Systems in Britain offers the Miricle family of focal plane arrays with shutterless XTI technology.
Para la caracterizacion de los colores, se tomaron fotografias digitales de las esferas bajo condiciones de luz de laboratorio (Canon EOS REBEL XTI, EF-S 18-50 KIT, 10.1 megapixeles), mediante el uso del software RGB (Byers 2006): para los colores verde (R=0, G=93; B=23,) naranja (R=201, G=106; B=16) y blanco (R=216, G=208; B=169).
The new campaign for Spanish footwear company Xti, have enlisted the smoldering skills of footie ace Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend to promote their Spring/Summer range, the Mirror reported.
Temperature ([degrees]C), measured at 30 min intervals with in situ continuous logging sensors (Stow Away XTI) located at each site, converted to monthly mean averages for the analysis.
XTI Brown Casual Buckle Detail High Leg Boots, Debenhams.