XTKCross Track Error (Distance Off Course)
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The dynamic translators and interfaces that make up the Unplugged Series allow Innoveda users to fulfill all of their layout and schematic needs with PANTHEON and MOZAIX, while still providing access to the signal integrity capabilities of XTK and Hyperlynx.
Innoveda, PADS, Viewlogic, ViewDraw, ePD, XTK, and Hyperlynx are registered trademarks of Innoveda Inc.
To support global manufacturing options, the XTK tool offers forward and back interfaces to all of the leading PCB layout systems.
Customers showed strong interest in Innoveda's Visual HDL and XTK tools during the quarter.
The company will bundle a version of XTK with its router and interface.
According to Frederick Saal, Viewlogic's senior vice president of Engineering, "Embedding Viewlogic's XTK analysis technology with RouTech's ZAP
The companies' agreement also calls for RouTech to include interfaces to Viewlogic's full XTK product, enabling current XTK users to take advantage of this routing advance.
Viewlogic's powerful XTK, is a suite of network simulation/analysis tools, calculates the electrical parameters of multi-conductor configurations and simulates the inter-conductor coupling (noise) generated in complex digital systems.
XTK for Windows provides the best signal integrity solution available in the Windows environment that most PCB designers prefer.
ACS uses technology from the Quad MOTIVE timing analysis tool, XTK transmission line and crosstalk analyzer, and the graphical, interactive CMS environment to automatically evaluate the interconnects to determine how critical each may be.
Available immediately from Quad Design is an interface from CCT to XTK, Quad's Signal Integrity tool.