XTLXml Transformation Language
XTLExtensible Transformation Language
XTLExecutable Temporal Language
XTLCross the Line (expression)
XTLXpress Train Limited
XTLXML (Extensible Markup Language) Transformation Language (computer programming)
XTLAnything-To-Liquids (synthetic fuels)
XTLXML Template Language
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In parallel, the Company searches to identify additional assets to add to XTL's portfolio.
nch (ntc), nt (nt o [eta]t), nc (ns), nc ([eta]k), nhu (nhm); xc (ck), xm (cm), xn (cn), xp (cp), xt (ct), xtl (cL o ctl), xu (cm)
In the transaction announced by InterCure, Rabinovich will be granted options to increase his stake in InterCure in addition to the right to purchase the XTL shares held by InterCure.
This report provides comprehensive information on the current therapeutic developmental pipeline of XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.'s, complete with comparative analysis at various stages, therapeutics assessment by drug target, mechanism of action (MoA), route of administration (RoA) and molecule type.
-- The non-exclusive representative for GTL and XTL projects in North America and the rest of the world.
David Grossman, XTL's CEO mentioned that "The acquisition of MinoGuard would be in line with the company's strategy to focus on late-stage clinical development drugs and treatments with a known safety profile, which address large markets with clear unmet clinical needs".
Numbers of records for litter traits (NBA, LBW, NPW, and LWW) by type of mating were 1,162 (26.4%) for purebred matings (LxL and TxT), 2,827 (64.3%) for crossbred matings (LxT and TxL), and 410 (9.3%) for backcrosses of purebred boars and crossbred sows (LxLT, L xTL, TxLT, and T xTL).
The Motorola system will use P25 technology on the company's XTL and XTS series of digital mobile and portable radios, which are capable of operating in 800MHz and 700MHz.
The Insolvency Service says the company - which changed its name to XTL Limited - operated "in a fashion that exposed its customers to an unwarranted and unknown risk".
The LawnShark XTL is a heavy-duty commercial machine powered by a 585 cc V-Twin Kawasaki FH541V gasoline engine rated 17 hp at 3600 rpm.
Edited by Zeid Nasser AMD Radeon HD2900 XTl This is the best choice for midrange gamers.
The XTL Panel isolated power supply provides vital, safe power to surgical lasers and X-ray systems with a special design that energizes with one simple motion, locking power on until the procedure is complete.