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XTMXML Topic Maps
XTMXml Topic Map
XTMXML (Extensible Markup Language) Threat Management (computer security)
XTMExperimental Test Model
XTMX-Ray Tomographic Methods (medicine)
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Helming concludes, "No other security appliance, UTM or next-generation firewall offers as much capability and firewall throughput in this price class than the WatchGuard XTM 330.
'I sang down the phone and didn't tell them I was from XTM. I'd love to sing live on stage with Anastacia - she rocks.'
The recognition of this prestigious award ranks XTM as the leading technology provider specific to the translation and localization industry.
All WatchGuard XTM security appliances provide VoIP protection, which is critical in securing business UC environments.
Login authentication methods, workflows, penalty profiles, and limited project manager's rights have been significantly improved in XTM. The latest release enhances the quality of penalty profiles so that they can now be used to distinguish between specific language variants.
Transition Metals Corp (TSXV: XTM) is a Canadian-based, multi-commodity project generator that specializes in converting new exploration ideas into Canadian discoveries.
Moreover, the bank offered seven new services on the XTM, some of which are the first to be offered domestically, including QR cardless withdrawals with the possibility of updating the information, activating the new and renewed debit cards and changing the PIN.
CJ OliveNetworks' XTM Style Homme Easy Stick Concealer, which has been available at CJ's Olive Young health and beauty store, was also among them.
In addition, XTM offers several services including opening deposits, balance enquiry, cash deposit, and account statement, instant transfer between accounts, installment payment, opening savings accounts, not to mention other services offered by KFH Shamel ATM machines.
Customers can purchase them as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a holistic configuration that routes traffic through a Firebox or XTM appliance, to extend best-in-class security services like APT Blocker, WebBlocker, and Gateway AntiVirus into their wireless environments.
For the empirical analysis of the role of export, its determinants and some other trade variables on Pakistan's economic growth, the dependent variable is taken Economic Growth (GDP) and the independent variables are international trade (IT), exports (X), exports of primary commodities (XPC), exports of textile manufacturing sector (XTM), exports of other manufacturing sector (XOM), export of other commodities and goods (XO), world income (Y), exchange rate (ER), tariff imposition on export (TRF.sup.x), (6) Proxy variable for Trade openness or Liberalization policy (TOP), balance of trade (BOT) and terms of trade (TOT).