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XTPExtreme Transaction Processing
XTPExpress Transport Protocol
XTPXpress Transport Protocol (Mentat)
XTPExpress Transfer Protocol
XTPCross Track Projection (transportation tunnel advertisement media)
XTPXTreeGold (file extension overlay)
XTPExtreme Terminal Performance
XTPXanthosine 5'-Triphosphate
XTPExtended Tip Profile
XTPExperimental Test Pilot
XTPXML Template Page
XTPXinet Technology Partners
XTPXML Transformer Pages
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Hornady's 124-grain XTP averaged 3.7 inches at 1310 fps, while Federal's 124-grain Hydra-Shok averaged 3.9 inches at 1236 fps.
In the testing for this column, all the FMJ ammo worked 100 percent from both magazines, and the 38H was pouty only with the XTP in the tuned magazine.
In creating a new XTP category in the Hype Cycle, Gartner recognized XTP as a potentially transformative technology that decision makers will want to consider when developing emerging business and technology portfolios.
While I usually load their 200-grain XTP, I've had excellent results with it, and it usually turns in superb groups.
The XTP bullet has more than proven itself for self-defense applications, and it's typically my choice for personal protection.
XTP, to something around 1,000-1,100 fps with a 240-gr.
The 180-grain Sierra and Hornady XTP performed well with HS-6, AutoComp and Vihtavuori N-350.
And if you throw in Hornady's XTP handgun bullet concept with various publications like Sierra's third edition manual and the Auto-Flo tumblers from Lyman, you've got a pretty good start for generating new sales in 1990.
With a 0.75-inch average (basically one ragged hole), the standout was the Hornady 200-grain XTP over a charge of 8.2 grains of Hodgdon Longshot.
In every case the issue was the same: The slide wouldn't close completely when a fresh XTP load was chambered.
Things got a bit less tight once we got into the 147-grain subsonic stuff but since we only had two such flavors on hand (Hornady Custom XTP and CCI Blazer TMJ) I wouldn't care to form any hard-and-fast opinions about general bullet-weight preferences the gun may--or may not--have.