XTVXerox Technology Ventures
XTVXquizit Television (Queens, NYC)
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While it may seem surprising today that the chief proponent of the Enlightenment would praise an era associated with human exploitation, religious oppression and destructive military campaigns, The Age of Louis XTV is a valuable reminder of how formative the period was for the liberal arts.
(16) The Parlement of Paris, for example, retained its position in the extramural procession, which it had first used to greet Henry VI at his entry in December 1430, for Louis XTV's entry into Paris in 1660 (Roy 317).
For example, NDS' XTV DVR technology enables Sichuan Cable subscribers to control their viewing by allowing them to pause live TV, record, play back, rewind and fast-forward their favourite TV programmes to view when they choose.
NDS XTV will allow MYtv subscribers to record TV content while viewing another programme.
The issue was Article XTV of the treaty, which addresses the need for a fixed base of operations in order to have a permanent establishment.
For example, broadband company ABC enters into a contract with xTV, where xTV is the only broadband Search, TV, and phone service.
A related movement, "XTV," advocates the non-violent overthrow of the regime and is close to the Shah's son.
The Polaris XTV and XCV can image as many as 200 plates per hour.
Boty Luv, Cascada, Angel Eyes, XTV, SL2, Slipmatt, Public Domain, Angel City, Jinny, Fedde Le Grand and Tom Novy all feature.
Hobart Welders introduces its new XTV Series of lightweight, high performance auto-darkening welding helmets that darken in 1/12,000 of a second after arc start and feature an internally adjustable auto-darkening shade (#9-12), lens sensitivity, and delay controls.