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Preparation of enhanced properties efficiency of XUD SRFs
XUD SRF was coated with the outermost layer using a PMAA wrap.
The XUD granule slow release fertilizer used for this experiment was prepared as previously described in the "Preparation of TUD, GUD, and XUD SRF granules" section.
This could enhance the nutrient slow release efficiency of XUD, TUD, or GUD.
TUD, GUD, and XUD granule SRFs were immersed in a container filled with tap water at RT for 2 h; the water absorption was found to be 89, 93, and 142%, respectively, as demonstrated in Fig.
Water retention behavior of TUD, GUD, and XUD SRFs in soil
The water retention capacity of swollen TUD, GUD, and XUD SRFs in soil was determined and compared to the water-holding capacity of the swollen soil without the coated fertilizers.
The largest water-holding ratio for soil without coated fertilizer, soil with TUD, GUD, or XUD SRFs was calculated by using equation 3.
XUD SRFs presented slightly lower nitrogen release capacity compared to TUD and GUD SRFs as 68% of nitrogen was released after 24 h and after 28 days the nitrogen release reached 92%.
XUD SRFs enhanced properties by applying PMAA as outermost layer
However, in comparison to the water retained by the XUD SRFs, it can be found that XUDM SRFs in soil retained slightly less water.
8, it was found that the XUD SRFs without the outermost layer of PMAA nitrogen release reached 68% after the first day of incubation, and 92% after 28 days.