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XULExtensible User Interface Language
XULXml Based User Interface Language
XULXML (Extensible Markup Language) UI (User Interface) Language
XULXML (Extensible Markup Language) User Interface Language (Mozilla; programming language)
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Claudia tiene en sus manos un libro con pinturas de Xul Solar y, a traves de lo que van viendo en el libro, Claudia le proporciona a Facundo algunas pautas para leer esas pinturas.
estoy en una niebla polvoreada y parda una ciudad parda de casas de barro, todo poco definido pues el suelo y las cosas se esfuman en el aire nebuloso (Xul Solar, 2012: vision 64).
* Developer Assistant (Firefox extension that contains a suite of tools for developers: an interactive JavaScript shell, HTML and XUL editors with live preview etc.)
However, one would have wished to see other equally intriguing aspects -- such as the influence of Xul Solar's paintings in the short story "El Inmortal" or the literary parallels between Henri Michaux and Borges -- explored in more detail.
We have created an interface for add-on application to be used via XUL and JavaScript for functionality.
Other members of Borges' real literary and artistic circle appearing as themselves in the story are the Argentinian painter Xul Solar, the French Princess de Faucigny Lucinge, and the writers Carlos Mastronardi, Nestor Ibarra and Ezequiel Martinez Estrada (all Argentinian), Enrique Amorim (Uruguayan), Alfonso Reyes (Mexican; at one point ambassador to Argentina), and Drieu La Rochelle (French) (Wilson 2006: 81).
(xul solar translates it succinctly: upward, behind the onstreaming it mooned), the previous passage refers to the languages of the southern hemisphere, in those of the northern hemisphere (the eleventh volume has little information on its ursprache), the basic unit is not the verb, but the monosyllabic adjective, nouns are formed by an accumulation of adjectives, one does not say moon; one says airy-clear over dark-round or orange-faint-of-sky or some other accumulation, in the chosen example, the mass of adjectives corresponds to the real object.