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Belonging to a formerly nomadic tribe from the western part of the country, on the border with Namibia, Xuma and his family are camped temporarily in the grounds of Meno a Kwena camp on the edge of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.
Moroka and Xuma became successive presidents of the African National Congress (ANC) in the 1940s and have suburbs in Gauteng named after them--Kwa Xuma in Springs and Moroka in Soweto.
In Mine Boy (Abrahams) sien Xuma (wat pas van die platteland af gekom het) dit as vanselfsprekend dat iemand wat in die stad woon, 'n verlange na die platteland sal he, ongeag hoe lank hulle al in die stad woon.
1(iv) (1998) defines lobolo as "the property in cash or in kind, whether known as lobolo, bohali, xuma, lumalo, thaka, ikhazi, magadi, emabheka or by any other name, which a prospective husband or the head of his family undertakes to give to the head of the prospective wife's family in consideration of a customary marriage.").
connection between the protagonist of Blood on the Forge and Xuma in
In 1935, Alfred Bitini Xuma, African National Congress (ANC) president from 1940 to 1947, wrote a paper expressing confidence in the ability of Africans to participate responsibly in governmental politics because of their having come to the "status of full manhood." (1) In 1946, Anton Lembede, leader of the ANC Youth League, wrote a charged newspaper article describing how a "young virile nation" was in the process of being rebirthed, drawing strength from a nationalism which fed on the idea of Africa as a "blackman's country." (2) Xuma and Lembede were not alone among African nationalist leaders in resorting to rhetoric saturated in references to masculinity, although their vision of what it meant to be a man may have differed.
Mine Boy centers on a young man named Xuma, who comes from the not quite idyllic country and enters the much more racially divided city: Johannesburg, where he works in the gold mines.
Other handtufted constructions include WindStar, which features classic Oriental patterns; Jaipur, made of handspun wool; Tao, a group of contemporary, minimalist styles in wool with Lurex or silk accents; and the Xuma Collection, constructed of 100 percent wool and featuring strong geometric patterns, with a suggested retail of $499 in a 5-by-8.
Working with such rapid growth companies as Kozmo.com, Iturf.com, Vindigo and Xuma.com, the Hunter Realty Organization is now at the vanguard of a new wave of full-service real estate firms that have developed services specifically tailored to New Media.
For example, there's Joe Cha, aged 30, who co-founded Xuma, a company that builds and manages Web sites.
He also wrongly couples Alfred Xuma with the conservative Jabavu (104).
This shakes Xuma out of the post of president and the ANC into a more militant mode.