XVRExtended View Representation
XVRXtreme Velocity Racing
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In the mid-60s, Vauxhall and Opel created their own interpretations of a light-weight sports car - the XVR and the Experimental GT - both of which were thoroughly modern with dynamic sculptural forms.
The XVR stands for Xtreme Velocity Revolver and is capable of launching a 200-grain bullet over 2,300 fps (although from a longer barrel).
45 Colt have the same basic dimensions other than length, all three may be fired in the XVR.
In a brand new 19,000 square foot Maritime and Industrial Training Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Delgado Fire and Industrial School offers industry leading training by combining Transas and XVR simulation technology.
The third animal I took was a medium-sized boar, shot at 40 yards with a S&W 460 XVR.
Thus the XVR in S&W's designation for the new gun stands for extreme Velocity Revolver.
460 S & W Magnum cartridge, the chambering of the 2005 Smith & Wesson Model 460 XVR (Extreme Velocity Revolver).
Transas is pleased to announce its new strategic cooperation with XVR Simulation to expand their maritime training capabilities and to deploy common complex projects in the safety and security simulation market.
So in addition to the XVR, I also had a 10" SSK Custom Encore for testing loads.
The XVR-4000 graphics accelerator takes the capabilities of Sun's XVR graphics product line to a new level with enhanced visual quality and performance for small and large collaborative Workgroup Visualization environments.