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For two time series ([M.sub.x] and [N.sub.y]), the XWT is given as
The XWT helps in determining whether the two time series are statistically significant by the Pearson correlation coefficient.
The major difference between XWT and CWT is that cross-wavelet power measures the common power while coherency is a measure of intensity of covariance between two time series.
The XWT and WTC between LC level and rainfall in northern and southern LCB are shown in Figure 5.
The correlation analysis through XWT (Figure 5(a)) shows that LC levels were correlated highly with rainfall on the interannual scale at two bands: a 1-year band localized at 1997 and a 2- to 4-year band localized around the years 1985 to 1997.
The XWT between LC level in the Southern Basin and ENSO (Figure 6(b)) shows three common powers that are statistically significant: a 2- to 4-year band localized between 1983 and 1987, a 3-year band localized around 1997, and a 6-year band localized between 1987 and 1997.