XXXLExtremely Extra Extra Large
XXXLExtra Extra Extra Large (aka 3XL)
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For those with a heartier appetite, there's a half-pound XXXL Fatburger.
The prisoner, who weighs around 14st and stands around 6ft tall, appeared in court sporting dark glasses and a black T-shirt with the emblem XXXL across the chest.
He writes: "Andy Skinner has asked for the first delivery of the XXXL T-shirts this trip.
Seeing Josie crying spurred XXXL Neil, 30, into action.
At the moment, we only have three shirts left, but they are XXXL and bigger and we haven't heard if we will get more in.
Women's sizes sizes 8-16 and men's sizes S through to XXXL in Admiralty Navy
The radiographer was eventually forced to wear XXXL clothes, and had a 50-inch waist.
In February, after ballooning to 20 stone, he had a silicone band fitted in his stomach and has since shrunk from XXXL to merely extra-large shirts.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- As the familiar song goes: "we're happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland," unless you're searching for a puce-colored golf shirt in size XXXL for uncle Frank, a replacement place setting of the in-laws' discontinued silver pattern, and the sold-out "Cyber Baby Doll" that your child absolutely HAS to have.
All of his XXXL clothes had to be shipped from the US because he was unable to find his waist size in Britain.
All of his XXXL clothes had to be shipped in from America because he couldn't find his waist size in Britain.
Sometimes I think I'm bigger than I am so I have to try everything on so I don't buy XXXL.