XYOExercise Your Options (Fairfax County Park Authority, Virginia group fitness class)
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James DeBello, former Chairman and CEO, Mitek; openAPI expert Adam Altman; and marketing luminary Sam Markowitz will support XY and XYO's drive to bridge blockchain and dApps with the physical world.
Through the innovative program at the Institute, XYO will work closely with leaders and decision-makers in Memphis, the capital of logistics in the United States collaboratively brainstorming and developing ways that solutions from XYO can integrate and add value to the logistics industry.
The company said the additional investment in R&D was focused on building out infrastructure and applications to support the XYO Network
The partnership between XYO and CAS Smart City, which features top talent from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, opens the door for a vast number of location-centric smart city uses.
When we met the LayerOne development team and saw what they were doing with their groundbreaking technology, which can deliver accurate location data down to the nanometer if necessary, we instantly knew that we had to combine forces and completely shape how location works on the blockchain, says Arie Trouw, XYO Network's co-founder and Technical Architect.
XYO Network is the world leader in blockchain location technology, and I'm delighted to help XYO Network help cities become smarter," said Hynek.
XYO Network said GEO adds an additional feature set to XYO by notifying a device that an object was there with absolute certainty, and without having to communicate private data with the network.
The achievement is critical as XYO builds out its fully decentralized, trustless mesh network that will validate relative location, as well as other important heuristics, over the coming months.
Marcus Delano East, Chief Technology Officer, National Geographic; Kai Keller, Project Lead/Global Leadership Fellow, World Economic Forum; and industry expert Ken Au will support XY and XYO Network's aggressive efforts to bridge blockchain and blockchain-based dApps to the physical world as the company builds out its applications, partners, and customer base around the globe and across industries.
XYO is engaged in the research and development of building applications and a network that bridges the digital world and the real world.
XYO Network, the technology bringing blockchain to the real world, has partnered with Esri to bring new distributed, blockchain-based location verification functionality to the spatial analytics space, the company said.
XYO Network, the technology bringing blockchain to the real world, has announced that following months of integration testing, the team has successfully completed the first live working demo of its decentralized interaction-verification oracle utilizing smart contracts to initiate a transfer of Ethereum when two XYO devices interacted in the real world, the company said.