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XYZThree dimensional datum axes
XYZThree Dimensional Axis
XYZExamine Your Zipper
XYZXtra Years of Zest (senior citizen's club; Severna Park United Methodist Church; Severna Park, MD)
XYZExtremely Young Zoologists (UK Club)
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Information gathered indicated that XYZ, for instance, made moves to renew its license, at least, two times.
Here, Carl's $180 income from selling the call would be 1.8% of his $10,000 investment in XYZ. He'd also collect the quarterly dividend, which might be, say, 0.5%, if XYZ pays a 2% annualized dividend.
Since [x.sub.r][y.sub.s][z.sub.t] [member of] [square root of [mu]], we get r [conjunction] s [conjunction] t = [x.sub.r][y.sub.s][z.sub.t] (xyz) [less than or equal to] [square root of [mu]](xyz).
XYZ: (In a slow syrupy southern drawl) "I'm fixin' to do some visualization once I get over the mountain ridge." Atlanta Center: "XYZ, maybe it's my radio, but I did not understand you.
XYZ also sent two explicit videos to JPH's ex-partner and posted a number of still sex images on a website.
From March 1, 2007, to February 29, 2008 (i.e., the preceding four quarterly sales tax periods), XYZ has gross receipts from sales of its merchandise based on these agreements with the New York State ski clubs totaling $78,390.
XYZ creates five single-member LLC subsidiaries and contributes one rig to each of them.
Figure 9 Cash on hand XYZ 1,234 Bank 1 XYZ 234,789 Bank 2 XYZ 53,456 1 Savings account XYZ 11,456 CD XYZ 432,000 Money Market XYZ 5,533,000 Payroll account XYZ 2,020
For example, ABC Company may have a line of business that manufactures telephones and buys electronic components for the telephones from XYZ Company.