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XYZThree dimensional datum axes
XYZExamine Your Zipper
XYZXtra Years of Zest (senior citizen's club; Severna Park United Methodist Church; Severna Park, MD)
XYZExtremely Young Zoologists (UK Club)
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XYZ is a landmark building for Manchesters business community and we very much support the vision of developer Allied London to create an environment where there is a dynamic, collaborative approach to enterprise, comments Tim Bretten, European Director of Property Management at Savills.
XYZ also sent two explicit videos to JPH's ex-partner and posted a number of still sex images on a website.
the preceding four quarterly sales tax periods), XYZ has gross receipts from sales of its merchandise based on these agreements with the New York State ski clubs totaling $78,390.
Indeed, it may make sense both for I&D tax purposes and for business asset protection purposes for XYZ to hold all of the above rigs in its own name and to lease rather than contribute them to its subsidiaries.
The moment the main folder XYZ disappears, release the folder with apps to be hidden (ABC) in the home screen.
Example 2: Terri Smith does not want to pay upfront fees, so she buys B shares of fund XYZ.
John Doe of Salon XYZ dishes the hair dos and hair donts seen on the red carpet this Oscar season.
Notwithstanding the bankruptcy filing, XYZ is still indebted to ABC for the $700.
It's not clear what caused this abrupt change, but Geola uab reports that they had been threatened by visitors purporting to represent Rokicki and demanding that the digital hologram system be returned to Canada as it had not been fully paid for - part of the payment was to be in-kind through the discounted supply of film by Geola to XYZ, but these orders never materialised.
While many Hollywood-based companies may shy away from local-lingo projects, and the studios retreat to the safety of tentpoles, XYZ has cast its eyes abroad.
We are not independent with respect to XYZ Company as of and for the year ended [or ending, as applicable] December 31, 20XX, because an immediate family member of one of the members of the engagement team was employed by XYZ Company.
This case and the comparison of ABC University, which benchmarks its BSC, and XYZ University, which does not benchmark its BSC, suggest that first-choice candidates with sufficient expertise in their industry can detect nonbenchmarked scorecards.