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XYZThree dimensional datum axes
XYZThree Dimensional Axis
XYZExamine Your Zipper
XYZXtra Years of Zest (senior citizen's club; Severna Park United Methodist Church; Severna Park, MD)
XYZExtremely Young Zoologists (UK Club)
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Further, through a "what-if" functionality embedded in the supporting analytics software, XYZ Mortgage could now quantify whether rate exceptions were actually generating the additional volume and increased profits frequently used as justification for promotions and discounts.
To avoid the application of the new law and this regulation, XYZ worked feverishly to obtain a building permit before the new rules were to take effect.
Although Acme might threaten to use another carrier if XYZ does not agree to its standard language, the risk managers for XYZ must not back down.
Inevitably, there were instances where XYZ was unable to supply items, causing disruptions in ABC'S production.
The CPA Letter will continue to keep members up to date on the development of the credential, opportunities for members to learn about and comment on XYZ, and the member referendum on the bylaw amendment.
So, these good Samaritans saved you from making a horrible mistake by voting for Proposition XYZ.
Camp XYZ is proud to be accredited by the American Camping Association.
We chose Analyzer XYZ because the system was available immediately with 17 tests, and its operation and maintenance were similar to those of a chemistry analyzer.
XYZ Home Ice Service was a regional leader years ago in basic residential refrigeration.
A buyback works like this: Say there are 1 million shares of stock in XYZ
If you weren't given a specific approach, you're free to fly whatever approach you want, but XYZ must be a fix on a charted segment of your chosen approach or this whole thing won't work.