XAIExplainable Artificial Intelligence
XAIXML Application Integration
XAIX-Linked Amelogenesis Imperfecta (genomics)
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I was working as a press helper who was new to the flexo industry," explains Xai Thao, AWT Labels & Packaging.
And of course, with all this activity, the anticipated growth in value of XAI itself as it continues to expand onto other trading platforms.
XAI is a Chicago-based firm founded by XMS in April, 2016.
Julia Zvobgo was appointed Secretary for Administration after the Xai Xai Conference.
Preparation of the inoculants suspension: A local cabbage type vegetable cai be or cai tua xai (Brassica campestris L.
Construction will be done by thousands of Chinese workers, and the report points out that Chinese have rented nearly half the agriculture land surrounding Oudom Xai.
The bridge is being built between Thailand's Chiang Rai Province and Laos's Huay Xai province, she said.
In 1984, Radio Xai Xai (in Gaza province), starts broadcasting as an ICS radio designated as community radio and, in the following years, a few others are established.
Women were enrolled from October 2007 to March 2008 as part of an evaluation of reproductive tract infections among HIV-infected individuals registering for a first visit at one of two HIV care clinics in Mozambique: Xai Xai Provincial Hospital and Mavalane General Hospital.
The ministers are scheduled to cross into China Monday evening, by way of Houei Xai and Luang Namtha in western Laos.
For example, in mid-2001 I was in northern Laos, in Houay Xai, the capital of Bokeo Province, attending a training workshop for people from all the different ethnic groups in the province.
Not only are major genres, inscriptions, and texts like Sin Xai, Xiang Miang, Mul Kacchai, Sujawanna.