XALAmex Airline Index
XALAlamos Airport
XALX10 Abstraction Library
XALExtended Application Language
XALXenon Arc Lamp
XALXML-Accelerator Library
XALAlaris Royalty Corporation (stock symbol)
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After her time at Xal teva ends in late 2015, Tinsley said she hopes to return to Eugene and enroll at the University of Oregon to complete her work in ethnic studies and Spanish, before pursuing a master's degree in early childhood and elementary education.
The performance of US Airways' stock price against the XAL is similar to its performance against the S&P 500, falling almost 60 percent in the 60-trading day period following the merger announcement.
XAL is embarking on an aggressive program to develop two new industrial parks and supporting power plants for which CCTI's technology is being evaluated to capitalize on lignite reserves estimated at 1 billion metric tons.
is due to go live in February 2005, well ahead of the end-of-support deadline for its Microsoft XAL software.
Click on the following link to see the Weekly Relative Strength of LUV Versus XAL Since March 2002 With 10-Week and 20-Week Moving Averages: http://www.
The index's downward spiral has continued in force, with the XAL reaching another annual low today.
Click the following link to see the Weekly Chart of XAL Since January 2002 With 10-Week Moving Average: http://www.
This support level held up this morning, as XAL dropped very close to this level.
Technically, the XAL has not been able to close above its 10-day moving average during the past two months.
Although yesterday the XAL had a great day in the face of higher oil, today things are working like you'd expect; lower oil means higher airlines.
Looking at the technical picture for XAL, plus a few other leading airlines, has me thinking that this is still a good place to be invested.