XALExtensible Address Language
XALAmex Airline Index
XALAlaris Royalty Corporation (stock symbol)
XALAlamos Airport
XALX10 Abstraction Library
XALExtended Application Language
XALXenon Arc Lamp
XALXML-Accelerator Library
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Despite his worries, Joseph relents, stating 'I xal take a wand in my hand and cast of my gowne' (185).
Las plantulas se identificaron en el invernadero o se trasplantaron a macetas para que completaran su desarrollo y pudieran ser identificadas; se hicieron ejemplares testigo para el herbario XAL.
After her time at Xal teva ends in late 2015, Tinsley said she hopes to return to Eugene and enroll at the University of Oregon to complete her work in ethnic studies and Spanish, before pursuing a master's degree in early childhood and elementary education.
Mundus: Sertenly, serys, I yow telle, Yf she in vertu stylle may dwelle, She xal byn abyll to dystroye helle, But yf your cov[n]seyll may othyrwyse devyse
The performance of US Airways' stock price against the XAL is similar to its performance against the S&P 500, falling almost 60 percent in the 60-trading day period following the merger announcement.
A todo el personal cientifico y tecnico de los herbarios AAU, AS, BA, BAF, BRG, CAUP, CEN, CEPEC, COAH, COL, CORD, CTES, F, FMB, G, HPUJ, HUA, HUQ, IAN, IBGE, INPA, JAUM, K, LIL, LP, LPB, MA, MEDEL, MEXU, MO, NY, P, R, RB, RSA, SI, SP, TOLI, U, UPTC, US, VEN y XAL, por su valioso apoyo durante la visita a sus instalaciones o por el prestamo de colecciones.
This specimen was deposited in the entomological collection of the Instituto de Ecologia in Xal apa, Veracruz, Mexico (IEXA; Reg.
Interior Contractor: Summertown Interiors Lighting contractor: IN-Lite Dubai Lighting brands used: IN-Lite, Dark, Lucepan, Osram, Intra, EyeLEDs, XAL, Lighting Science Group, Ares.