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XANAExtensible Applications Native Approach
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The musical adventure began as Mazoo and the Zoo and then changed to Manou Manou and is now known as Xana Zoo.
I'm still waiting for that call to tell me it's a joke, or a mistake, and that Xana will walk through the door - even though I know it's impossible.
I will never see Xana get married, have children or be successful in her chosen career.
Lo cierto es que los referentes indudables son las damas de agua o lamias del norte peninsular espanol, de ahi su afinidad con otras muchas historias de xanas o lavanderas de Asturias (Cabal, 1972), o tambien de las lamias, laminas o laminaku del Pais Vasco, o de las gojes o dones d'aigua de Cataluna, etc.
Il y a encore quelques decennies, il n'etait pas rare de voir des paysans porter des chaussures traditionnelles, xana kewel (j'en ai moi-meme porte).
Phuket has countless adventures to offer so we didn't spend all of our time at Xana with Attica, tempting as it was.
Llegaron asi a la misma orilla del lago Noceda, la xana, Caricea jadeante, detuvo su particular carrera, estaba extenuada, totalmente fatigada.
Mel and Xana were interviewed three times following Seidman's (1988) guidelines for in-depth phenomenological interviewing.
Atwell Xana was the first Mosotho recipient of the Alphonce Mohapi scholarship to study theology at St John's College, Durham.
Room one plays host to Damage and Xana, Dave da Funk and Craig Sparks for freestyle house to drum`n'bass with MC N.
In the newsroom, Murdoch also stirred the pot last year, replacing popular editor Xana Antunes with veteran Australian newsman Col Allan.
Veredicto contra Andersen deberia acelerar investigacion a energetica te xana.