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In this study, an increase in sera uric acid concentrations were observed in cholelithiasis patients, this increase may be due to the parallel increasing in xanthine oxidase activity observed in gallstone patients reflect the fact that the catabolic pathway is increased.
Studies showed that attenuation of xanthine oxidase activity improved cardiovascular activity i.
Methods of evaluation: Xanthine oxidase activity in hepatic tissue is estimated by the method of Fried and Fried (1974) and the final results are expressed as unit/mg of protein.
Effect of Rhus coriaria L (Anacardiaceae) on superoxide radical scavenging and xanthine oxidase activity.
Allopurinol was used as reference compound that has been used as inhibitory of xanthine oxidase activity.
1981) reviewed Lantana poisoning and opined that liver and kidneys are the most affected organs during poisoning on account of elevated hepatic and renal xanthine oxidase activity.
In case of xanthine oxidase activity, CB and its gold Au bio-conjugates (AuCB) are found to be absolutely inactive.
Hepatic and renal xanthine oxidase activity is also elevated during lantana poisoning.
Urinary excretion of purine derivatives and tissue xanthine oxidase activity in buffaloes, with special reference to differences between buffaloes and Bos Taurus.
release and PKC translocation in PMA-stimulated neutrophils as well as xanthine oxidase activity in order to identify the molecular structures responsible for the antioxidant property of silybin.